Katie - 41 years old
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Katie is a married mom of two, and she says her husband isn't interested in sex anymore - but she sure is. Katie has a hot body, a great ass, and she was more than ready for a little adventure. David likes fucking married women, and so he is happy to give Katie what she wants. He rubs her ass, and licks her pussy from behind, making her squirm and squeal. David laps Katie's slit, making her gasp and cry out, and then he keeps licking at her clit and her hole. She's never been eaten so long or so well. Her face is pushed into the bed as he pushes his huge dick into her pussy in one hard stroke, cumming as she cries out for more and more. He fucks her swollen pussy till she's creaming and his dick is throbbing and pulsing with the heat of her eager cock-filled cunt. Finally he just can't wait any longer - he pulls his rod out of her wet pussy and shoots his jizz all over her big, round tits.
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